What our customers say

Jessica F.
Reno, NV | 53,

My report showed that I have a slow THC metabolism. I realized that I should be aware of how many edibles I consume at once. With this new awareness, I enjoy edibles with friends and family without worrying. Thanks!

Aaron B.
Boulder, CO | 29,

The Marigen DNA discovery report is so interesting! It is such a great way to start a conversation with my friends when we hang out. The report gives us a better understanding of ourselves so we can select the products that everyone can enjoy together.

Amanda S.
Los Angeles, CA | 44,

I love the value that Marigen provides. I uploaded my 23andMe data to Marigen and started to explore other avenues in terms of my cannabis product selection.

Richard A.
Tacoma, WA | 63,

This is a great product because helps me to understand the interactions between products and my body. I’m amazed!

Omar S.
Palo Alto, CA | 24,

I have always struggled with marijuana and how strong it has become, sometimes I have a joint and i'm fine, other times I have a toke and I'm out paranoid. I met a guy from Marigen that gave me a kit and from my results, I was notified that I cannot withstand anything more than 13-15% THC, anything above that was too much, and Marigen was correct. Thanks, Marigen, keep doing what you do

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