Paranoia - Is marijuana out to get me?

Bob Chien
Bob Chien July 24, 2019

In a British study of two well-known extracts of marijuana called THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol [tet-rah-hy-dro-can-ah-bin-ol], the component that “gets you high”, and CBD, or cannabidiol [can-ah-bid-I-all], the one which actually acts to suppress most of the adverse effects of THC, scientists confirmed something that had been long-suspected by others:

When used initially, unmodified by breeders, most marijuana had concentrations of 4-5% THC and 1-2% CBD.  This didn't cause harm and put the lie to silly propaganda movies like Reefer Madness. However, once we moved to modern versions bred for "super-highs," which easily exceeded 15% THC and next to no measurable CBD component, they began to push the silliness of those movies into the realm of reality.  

Without understanding the role of CBD, developers removing it left people subject to anxiety, paranoia, and other psychopathies such as temporary or permanent memory loss, and heightened, permanent states of paranoia.

Modern recreational marijuana producers now know that high-THC-content alone, in varieties often referred to as "skunk," causes paranoia and anxiety, making for very unpleasant "highs."  As a result, the infamous 100% THC strains are now being phased out in favor of the moderating effects of strains with a significant CBD component. Why the change?

Research Revelations 

CBD has been demonstrated to counteract the anxiety/paranoia effect and even moderates or eliminates the memory-loss issue found in ultra-strong THC-only varieties.  While you can still find low CBD/high THC types, they’re useful only to those limited few people with resistance to the harmful effects of unmoderated THC. Instead, breeders have mostly gone in favor of more balanced CBD/THC products.

The researchers confirmed that strains with very high values of THC caused paranoia.  Strains with very high amounts of CBD did not do so. Throughout their study, they revealed that the effect was proportional to the ratio of THC to CBD.  You could still have high values of THC provided you had correspondingly high amounts of CBD. Nowadays, values of 70:30 are considered a good starting point.

The Right Stuff

 Your DNA is going to affect which strain(s) will be effective for you.  Your objectives will change your choice of strain. This will depend on whether you seek highly focused attention for detailed work and study, or its opposite, complete relaxation and the creativity of a wandering mind.

It will change for anxiety reduction, pain relief, appetite enhancement, mood control, and more.  But how will you know which strain is right for you?

DNA Testing can Reveal Your Matches

There are over 1,400 recorded strains currently.  Sifting through all the types to find the one with precisely the right balance of cannabinoids to give you the effect you want, with no side effects could take years…literally.

We have a much better idea because we've invested the time and effort to find which strains best match hundreds of different DNA profiles.  We’re talking about less than a 1% variation between people, but that variation is sufficient to make each one of us unique. The fine folks at Marigen want to shorten your journey to finding precisely the right product for you.  All it takes is a DNA test and a short questionnaire. 

Utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, we consult one of the most comprehensive and complete marijuana strain databases on the whole planet to isolate your matches.  We align your genetic markers and what you wish to achieve with the most promising candidate strains, saving you thousands of dollar in experimentation, and years of time.

Order one of our testing kits today, and have your results in just a few short weeks.  Stop guessing and let Science work for you!

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