2 months ago by Bob Chien
Why are we doing this? Marigen founding story

Hi! I’m Dr. Bob Chien, CEO and Co-founder of Marigen. Throughout high school and college, I played basketball. As I got older, I started developing chronic back pain as a result of the intense training and games. The pain was real, and it interfered with my sleep and work. At ...

3 months ago by Bob Chien
Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana - What is the difference?

There are so many different perspectives to consider with this question! Is it social, economic, personal, or political? Is it about quality, availability, effectiveness? There are even differences in how it is presented to the end-user, with significant pharmacological variations, and unexpected effects generated by thoughtless legal requirements. Even just ...

3 months ago by Bob Chien
Dispensaries and You - Are they all the same?

Dispensaries are not like pharmacies. On a recent visit, expecting to find people with a certain level of expertise, it was surprising to see a young fellow that didn't know that holding CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) or buccally (against the cheek) was proper. He said, "Just swallow your ...

3 months ago by Bob Chien
Paranoia - Is marijuana out to get me?

In a British study of two well-known extracts of marijuana called THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol [tet-rah-hy-dro-can-ah-bin-ol] , the component that “gets you high”, and CBD, or cannabidiol [can-ah-bid-I-all] , the one which actually acts to suppress most of the adverse effects of THC, scientists confirmed something that had been long-suspected by ...

3 months ago by Bob Chien
Before you buy Medical Marijuana - What you should know about it?

Why was Marijuana Ever Considered Bad? We shouldn’t deny our history—otherwise, we’re doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. We know that the hemp plant was already in use in China in the year 8,000, and possibly 12 millennia ago, in 10000 B.C.E. It became extremely valuable ...

3 months ago by Bob Chien
Reducing Side-Effects - Why different strains affect us as they do?

Like any plant, cannabis is chockful of many biological components. All varieties of plants have their discrete biochemistry, which is why a carrot tastes like a carrot, and never like an apple. People have had some interesting, and sometimes quite logical, ideas about plants that no longer make sense because ...

3 months ago by Gary Lai
CBD oil and what you need to know about it?

What is CBD? CBD It is the known counterpart to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main intoxicating chemical found within marijuana, but it doesn’t possess any psychoactive properties. This means it doesn’t cause the same distortion of time, altering of the senses, and What it lacks in its ability to intoxicate its ...

4 months ago by Bob Chien
Which Cannabis Strain is Best for Me? Your DNA knows

The Human Genome Project was an amazing accomplishment of humanity, declared complete in April of 2003. Since then, this road map has allowed us to unravel the mysteries of what makes us who we are. Our genes make us tall/short, skinny/robust, happy/sad, clever/dull, social/introverted, and every other possible variation that ...

4 months ago by Bob Chien
Online medical marijuana card list in 2019

Marigen cares about our customers. We have put together a list of online medical marijuana providers’ information in this blog post.