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Marigen is a customer-obsessed company dedicated to empowering people to improve their wellness based on their DNA. 

As cannabis consumers ourselves, we have experienced the bad side effects that can accompany usage of the wrong cannabis product. We realized that the negative side effects associated with consuming cannabis deter many people who could derive tangible health benefits from cannabinoids. We founded Marigen, applying years of expertise in biotechnology and engineering, to help our friends, family, and community use cannabis to achieve their personal usage goals. 

We aim to bring the best user experience to our customers by matching a customer's DNA to complementary consumer products. We do this by creating an ecosystem where people can explore diverse, and uniquely personalized consumer products provided by our partners.

Our goal is to empower you to makes sense of the huge amount of information on cannabis products, your genetic information, and how it relates to your daily life. Come see how we've helped people just like you find the right products!


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All human beings are 99.9% identical in their genetic makeup. Differences in the remaining 0.1% hold important clues about what makes you, you.

Marigen curates the most important Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) research data associated with your cannabinoid receptor pathways and cannabinoid metabolic pathways to understand your personal reaction to THC and CBD.

We apply cutting-edge machine learning techniques to extract insights from your genetic data and combine this information with vital statistics from the most popular cannabis products to predict your unique experience. 

Facing down a dispensary menu with several different products to choose from is hard. We offer you a helpful roadmap to navigate this tricky terrain and make informed decisions. 

A specific strain does not guarantee a certain effect. Our product recommendation engine takes product testing results and your DNA data as inputs to generate comprehensive recommendations.

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