Welcome to Marigen!

Marigen is your best cannabis industry partner in the APAC region.

Our marketplace, Machiyami, was launched in 2019 and quickly became the most popular hemp-based CBD marketplace in Asia. Our customers are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and the greater southeastern Asian region.

Our marketplace offers not simply a digital storefront but also a total solution for hemp-based CBD vendors to establish their reputation in Asia.

Support for multiple languages and easy shipping

Our professional legal team will ensure your product can be distributed and sold in East Asia.

Full-service marketing and branding

We utilize our influencers network and content marketing experts to help you to enter the different markets speaking different languages.

Boost demand instantly

Use our network of more than 10,000 small businesses and clinics to funnel your products to end-users in Asia.

contact us: contact@marigen.us