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Your DNA shapes your cannabis experience

Your cannabis experience depends on your mood and lifestyle — which relate to your DNA. We are building a personalized cannabis/CBD marketplace that matches your DNA to high-quality cannabis and CBD products.

Cannabis can be used as an alternative to traditional pain-relief medications, becoming more popular after several studies validated these effects. We are here to help you find the product to ease your pain.

Getting a great night’s sleep is hard. Cannabis has been used as a sleep aid for more than a thousand years. We are here to help you to find the cannabis/CBD products to get a restful night’s sleep.

Everyone feels stressed at some point. Cannabis can ease the anxiety of day-to-day life. We are here to help you find the cannabis/CBD products for a peaceful moment.

How it works

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genetic testing

Step 1

You can pick your favorite genetic test provider to conduct your genetic test because Marigen can use the results from varies genetic testing results to provide product recommendations.


Step 2

Starting the journey to your ideal cannabis product is easy! Sign up and follow the instructions to upload your genetic data.


Step 3

Once process your genetic data, we will notify you that your report and product recommendations are ready.

What you get with Marigen

We’re here for you, and as you read through your report, we are here to answer your questions and talk through anything that's on your mind. We are here to get you the answers and support you need. We can't wait to meet you!

DNA discovery report

Your report explains how your DNA relates to your metabolism, sensitivity, and more!

Your Marigen Discovery Report - A place to discover

Get recommendations to our collection of the most popular products. The product list grows continuously! We’re always here to help you to get the best experience with the newest products in the market.

From discovery to action

Download your Marigen report to start a conversation with your family, your friends, your doctor, and your favorite dispensaries about the product that fits your need.

Support, always

Every Marigen member is part of our community, and so are you! We are here to answer your questions, anytime.

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What our customers say

Jessica F.
Reno, NV | 53,

My report showed that I have a slow THC metabolism. I realized that I should be aware of how many edibles I consume at once. With this new awareness, I enjoy edibles with friends and family without worrying. Thanks!

Omar S.
Palo Alto, CA | 24,

I have always struggled with marijuana and how strong it has become, sometimes I have a joint and i'm fine, other times I have a toke and I'm out paranoid. I met a guy from Marigen that gave me a kit and from my results, I was notified that I cannot withstand anything more than 13-15% THC, anything above that was too much, and Marigen was correct. Thanks, Marigen, keep doing what you do

Richard A.
Tacoma, WA | 63,

This is a great product because helps me to understand the interactions between products and my body. I’m amazed!

Amanda S.
Los Angeles, CA | 44,

I love the value that Marigen provides. I uploaded my 23andMe data to Marigen and started to explore other avenues in terms of my cannabis product selection.

Aaron B.
Boulder, CO | 29,

The Marigen DNA discovery report is so interesting! It is such a great way to start a conversation with my friends when we hang out. The report gives us a better understanding of ourselves so we can select the products that everyone can enjoy together.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Your Marigen results include information about your genotype and identify potential product matches, linking you to products that have been published at trusted sources. Your results are a great starting point for discovering cannabis products that fit you, and it can also provide deeper insights into the cannabis product you’ve already tried.

Typically, sample processing takes 2-3 weeks from the time your sample arrives at our lab; however, processing times may vary. You can check your sample status by logging in to your Marigen account. We will send you an email notification once the report is ready.

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